Your Guide to Sleeping Like a Baby on Your Wedding Night

Fight pre-wedding insomnia


Getting married will keep you anxiously staying up all night, we understand. However, pre-wedding sleep is part of the preparation. Lack of sleep will only affect your mood and energy levels on your big day. It’s important to set aside your nerves and clear out your mind to go in an effective sleep. Turning and tossing is normal, but don’t give in to it to avoid exhaustion. These tips will help you get your beauty sleep on your wedding night

Have a routine

Build up to your wedding day like a race. Practice a set sleeping schedule that including the same straps and snooze time. By the time your body gets used to the sleep routine, you can ace sleeping on your wedding night. 


Don’t skip this! Any bride or groom’s mind will be racing and fantasizing about the day to come, which will have them till sunlight. Overthinking leads to stress and anxiety. Stop the cycle by cutting off all thinking strands and medicating to feel aligned and centered. 

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Change your environment 

Dim the lights, turn off the TV to make sure you have a zen environment to sleep in. Light some candles and play some soft music if necessary to relax your mind and body into bedtime. 

Take deep breaths