What to Eat on the Morning of Your Wedding

You want to do this one right!


It’s the morning of your wedding day and there’s no way you’re going to risk your health by choosing to eat something that is out of the ordinary or by choosing not to eat at all because honestly, both paths are ridiculous and well, not smart. You want to stay energized, feel fulfilled, and keep yourself hydrated! Now, these are your goals for the day if you don’t want to collapse all of a sudden and not be able to go on because that’d be a damn shame and you’ll have no one else to blame but yourself if you fall victim of your own wedding. Today, we give you 10 simple and practical ideas for foods that will act as your pillar on your wedding day, along with detailed recipes. We present to you our list of high-protein, fat, fiber, and complex carbs foods. 

10 clean and fulfilling breakfast ideas:


Soak your oats in milk in a bowl and leave it overnight. The next morning you may add fruits, chia seeds, nut butter, and cinnamon to the mixture for a yummy meal. If you want to sweeten your oats, honey and dates are your saviors. More oats recipes


If your stomach cannot withstand food right now or if you simply don’t have the capacity to chew at the moment, you can always go for a wholesome smoothie. Base: protein powder and bananas, body: nut butter and fruit (Blueberries -  Raspberries - strawberries). More smoothie ideas


Go for whole or multigrain bread, decide on whether you want something sweet or savory...or both! Spread nut butter and fruits on one, and eggs and mashed avocados on the other. You can always do yourself a favor and toast the bread first. Breakfast toast recipes