Wedding Suit Fitting Tips Every Groom Should Know

Suits are all about the fit


While the bride has most of the glitz and glam of dressing up, the groom should focus on his suit fit. A good suit pays attention to the smallest details in lengths and trims. It’s the slightest mistake is measurements that can make you look worn out on your wedding day. Make sure you go to a good tailor to measure your body to a tea. Don’t keep your suit to the last mixture to give yourself room for options. Keep reading to find out what you should cover in your wedding suit

Mind the season 

Depending on when you’re getting married, your suit color, fabric, and style should be adjusted to the weather and season accordingly. The thickness and fabric of suits change to help with performance and look. Remember, wedding suits don't have to be black, you can wear blue, grey amongst many others. 

The perfect fit

This might seem like common sense, but the most common suit mistake is size and fit. This is where most suits go from looking classy to just not proportionate and messy. Having a tight suit is just as bad, if not worst. It's best to go to a tailor and get your suit snatched in where needed in the seat, waist, and shoulder. 

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