Wedding Etiquette Every Wedding Guest Must Follow

These are a big no-no!


Poor Etiquette is a big no-no! Especially at weddings, you don't want to stress or make the bride and groom uncomfortable.

As a guest, you're there to celebrate, so it's important to be mindful and put yourself in other's shoes. How do you feel if someone shows up to your all-white dress code wedding wearing red? Don't assume that doing small things like bringing a plus one or your middle child is not a big deal, because it is. Before you make anyone uncomfortable on their wedding day, make sure you're following these guest etiquette

Follow dress code

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No matter what the dress code is... FOLLOW IT! We can't stress this enough. No, you can't pass that one little thing, because yes, people do care. It's also a sign or respect to the couple and occasion to comply with the dress code accordingly. 

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Don't show up early or late 

Being late is a sign of poor manners anywhere, especially at weddings. Usually, weddings are run in a specific time and order to have the ceremony done as planned. Showing up late means you disturb plans, big no. Showing early is also a big no because most likely you will be walking into last-minute pre-wedding chaos the couple doesn't want you to see. The time of the wedding is set and planned for a reason, please follow it! 

Send a gift 

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Just like any other occasion, weddings require gifts. This applies if you're going to the wedding or not! If you're not sending a gift, it's important to send your congratulations. However, sending the gift, it always best.  

Don't make big announcements