Top 90’s Arabic Songs to Spice up Your Wedding Playlist

Travel back to the 90's on your wedding day!


Did it ever cross your mind to add 90’s Arabic songs to your wedding playlist? Not just one track but several. Did you ever wonder about the type of music that would just force everyone out of their seats and onto the dance floor? We all wish for that kind of music at our weddings right? Surprisingly enough the 90’s Arabic music hits might just do the job for you on this one. If you’ve been to several weddings lately you will find that many people are turning to the 90's hits for their wedding playlist and it just rocks the dance floor! Listening to these songs just takes us back to unforgettable memories and to our days of glory.

So many of these songs will remain classics forever no matter how music genres alternate and no matter how tastes in music develop. Let’s see together the top music hits from the ’90s that will bring back all the best memories and surely set your dance floor on fire!

Kajwelou” Mohamed Heneidy

The moment this track is put on, you will find the entire hall singing back “ou, ou” at the same breath. You won’t find a single person not singing or dancing along because there isn't a single Egyptian who hasn't seen the film "Se3eedy Fel Gam3a El Americeya" which was first screened in 1998. 

Einy” Hameed El Sha’ery and Hisham Abbas

Hameed el Sha'ery's 1997 album "Einy" featured the song of the same name with the singer Hisham Abbas. They both filmed the song's video clip where interestingly enough popstar Nicole Saba modeled. whenever this track is played at any wedding people start dancing the same dance that was in the video. It's simply the coolest song and video to ever be recorded in the history of Egyptian music!

Shawakna” Amr Diab

To be precise this song was released in December 1989 in the album "Shawakna" however we will always consider it one of the greatest 90’s Arabic songs. If you go to any wedding party these days you will find “Shawakna” definitely playing. 

Kamanana” Mohamed Fouad and Mohamed Heneidy

"Kamanana" was the soundtrack of the film "Ismailia Rayeh Gay" 1997. The film turned the standards of Egyptian cinema upside down, especially since it achieved the highest revenue at the time. It also brought back the young audience to cinema seats again. The song was released on an album called “Hayran” produced by Nasr Mahrous. The album was a great success as well. 


Hakim is a music legend who made Shaa’by music popular again in Egypt. His first hit “Nazra” was released back in 1991 “Nazra” and since then Hakim’s songs are on every single wedding playlist! Some of his best hits that will get everybody on their feet are “El Wad Da Helw”, “Efred Masln”, “Nar”, and “Wala wahed wala meya”.