Tips on Making Your Lipstick Last All Day Long

Make your lipstick bullet-proof!


Pouty, beautiful, full lips are essential for the wedding day. Make sure your lipstick lasts through drinking, cake eating, kissing and photography with the correct application steps. Lipstick is the only makeup product that needs frequent re-applications and can wear off easily. To make your lipstick bullet-proof on your wedding day, follow these steps: 

 Exfoliate and hydrate


The first step to beautiful plum lips is exfoliation. A simple DIY sugar scrub will get rid of your dead skin. This is important for getting a smooth canvas to start with. After your exfoliate, follow up with a thick layer of lip balm. 

Line your lips 

Next, it's time to line our lips to avoid the lipstick from bleeding and make sure the edges stay crisp. This will also help define your lips and make them poutier and fuller. 

Apply lipstick and blot 

Now it's time to add the lipstick of choice. Add a nice thick layer and blot any excess to assure an even layer. 

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Set with powder 

This is where the magic happens. To make your lipstick stays smudge-free and last all day loose clear powder is the way. To lock this magic in, add another thin layer of lipstick on top.

Clean the edges