This Is What Your Flower Preference Says About You

Your favorite flower says more than you think


Who knew flowers can tell us about personalities? As weird as it is, if you closely examine the beauty and delicacy of every flower, you can almost see the personality traits right away. Texture, colors, shapes, and growing patterns are all tell tale signs of what kind of person would be attracted to it. Roses and sunflowers are polar opposites in mood, color, and message. While one feels more romantic the other feel happy and energetic, this exactly how the flowers you choose reflect you. We recommend you ask your lover and friends about their favorite flowers to examine their personality. 


Roses are a symbol of love, desire, and gentleness. Although different colors have different meanings, you’re a hopeless romantic if you love roses! You’re also classic, you like timeless things. Most people who love roses are passionate in their relationships 


On the other hand, tulips are more sweet and sensitive. You’re a positive optimistic person who loves to enjoy the little things in life. You’re a very caring and welcoming person who always smiling. 

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