This is the One and Only Wedding Themed Movie List You Need

Get your drinks and popcorn ready because this is it!


Watching romantic flicks and wedding movies is like getting the dosage you need of love, tenderness, attention and senseless fantasies. Watching hopelessly romantic characters on the screen somehow opens up your heart a little bit more and makes space for love and joy in your life. And that is exactly what happens when you watch the movies on our list. We don’t only promise you butterflies and happy endings, but also bits and pieces of a very exaggerated scenario of what might happen when you tie the knot. 

- Runaway Bride:

After years of continually running away from her own wedding, Maggie builds herself a reputation for being the “Runaway bride”, which leads Ike, the reporter right to her doorway for a cover story! Commitment-phobes, this one’s for you!  

- The Wedding Planner:

This professional wedding planner, Mary Fiore, will take you through the joyful world of weddings with all her tips and tricks. She is the girl with all the answers and fixes, but also the one with the worst dilemma of all time; falling in love with the groom. Get ready for some rule-breaking! 

- Bride Wars:

The lifelong friendship between Liv and Emma is seriously tested when both of them get engaged on the same day and start planning for their separate weddings. You’re about to witness a war!

- 27 Dresses:

Jane had no problem playing the role of the designated bridesmaid 27 times until she is asked to do so on the day of the wedding of the man that she secretly loves. Buckle down for some wedding action!

- Maid of Honor:

Tom gets asked to be the maid of honor at his best friend’s wedding. Little does Hannah know that Tom is actually head over heels for her. Watch the first male maid of honor!

- My Best Friend’s Wedding:

Only days before her best friend’s wedding, Julianne realizes how much she loves him and decides that he has to know. How awkward is that?

- The proposal:

When Margaret forces her assistant to marry her so she doesn't get deported, they accidentally fall in love with each other for real. Being the boss has its benefits, don’t you think?

- Mamma Mia!:

A hell of a tribute to Abba and a well-acted musical that combines great tunes with performances from masters, such as Meryl Streep and Colin Firth. 

- Father of the Bride I:

George Banks always dreaded the day he would have to let his daughter go, so she can start a new life of her own. Now that Kay is getting married, George isn’t very pleased with that. But what’s he going to do about it?

- Rachel Getting Married:

Kym is coming back home from rehab for her sister’s wedding, and that’s when tension and worry ensue. Have a nice watch!

- The Wedding Ringer:

Jimmy is the best man to hire when you’re having “groom problems”. But Doug is the shy groom who hires him two weeks before his wedding, offering him the biggest challenge of his career. 

- I Love You, Man:

Peter realizes that he hasn’t had a best friend ever since he proposed to his girlfriend. Now he has to plan for his own wedding and he surely can’t do it without a best man! P.S: Only freaks don’t have best friends. 

- P.S. I Love You:

Holly reconnects with her late husband after discovering the 10 messages that he left behind for her. Find out how Holly learns to overcome her struggles and find the will to live again.