These Trends Seriously Need to Be Ditched in 2021

Say bye-bye to flower walls


2021 is officially here, and it’s marking the beginning of a new wedding trend decade. We’re focusing on personality and originality, stepping away from the cliche wedding themes altogether. Taking the wedding classics and putting a special modernized twist on it. For starters, we want to make weddings more meaningful. This decade will be full of experimenting and stepping out of comfort zones. Planning a wedding in 2021? Avoid making these outdated wedding trends:  

Flower walls 

Flower walls are so overdone and it’s time to play with something new and fun. The costly trend has been around for many years and it’s been dying down. There are so many alternatives to the flower wall that are more creative and just as beautiful. 


Pastels, all-white, and neutral tones have been making us play it safe and ditch the rest of the colors. In 2021 we’re experimenting with colors and stepping out from the color palette comfort zone. 

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