The Most Beautiful Engagement Rings In The World


We can all agree that every engagement ring is beautiful, from the choice of metal to the size of the diamond, there is no such thing as an ugly ring. However rings do vary in beauty, and it’s true that some rings are more beautiful than others, but what is exactly are the most beautiful rings in the world? What do they look like, and most importantly who was lucky enough to be proposed to with them? 

Princess Dianas 

Arguably the most famous engagement ring in history, Princess Diana's blue sapphire with the diamond halo on a white gold band. At the time this ring was a questionable choice because it was not a custom made piece of jewellery but rather a general item that was available for the public. In 2010 Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his mother's ring, and it looks just as beautiful on her as it did the late Princess Diana. 

Angelina Jolie 

A beautiful ring for a beautiful woman. When Angelina Jolie got engaged to Brad Pitt the whole world was in a frenzy, a new Hollywood star couple was born, but what truly took our breath away was the beautiful ring he proposed to her with. A beacon of grace and elegance paired with utmost beauty Angelina’s emerald-cut ring was designed specifically for her and apparently Pitt spent a year prior planning and having it made. It apparently is a total of 16 carats and is estimated around 500,000 USD!  (For reference that is about almost 8 million EGP)

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Elizabeth Taylor