The Grooming Routine Every Groom Needs

Waxing, shaving and everything in between


Who said the groom can’t get facials and waxes? The pre-wedding grooming is essential for both bride and groom before the big day. Pamper yourself to more than just a barber visit and a haircut. Facials, waxes, manicures, and teeth whitening are all basic grooming treatments to undergo. Don’t be afraid to try out new hairstyles and shaves before the wedding to feel out which one suits you best. These grooming treatments will prepare you for your big day:



Dry skin? Acne? Give your skin the best treatments to solve any existing problems and give your skin a healthy glow. You should be taking care of your skin months prior to your wedding with regular facials. 

 Teeth whitening 

Your smile should be the brightest at your wedding. Achieve this by visiting your dentist for a general check-up and a custom whitening treatment. You can also do this at home with a whiting kit from your dentist. 

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Nail care

Bekky Barber

Yes, men do nail care! If you never got one, now is the time. Filing your nails and cutting excess cuticles is a must for those wedding ring close up pictures at the wedding. You want your hands as soft as possible for holding hands too.