The Bride: Things to Remember When it Gets Too Intense

Deep breaths & bath salts


It’s really hard to pause and take any breaks, especially when you’re a bride planning her wedding while also working a full-time job. And that is exactly why we decided, through the following points, to help you take a deep breath, take a break, reveal some facts and tricky details that you should remember while planning your wedding, and most importantly, help you figure out the silver lining of it all.

2- Check your dates:

Check your album dates, check your social media status dates, look how far you two have gone since then. Remember that and keep up the good, loving vibes and tell yourself that you didn’t come that far only to mess things up now. 

3- You have all the time in the world:

Your wedding is not your main story, it’s just another piece of your puzzle together. You have a life and you shouldn’t let that go for the sake of anything else. The wedding has a fixed date, so it will definitely be held then. It’s only one night and after it’s done, you’ll feel liberated again! Remember the bigger picture, visualize the future, and hope for the best because honey, it’s yet to come ;)

4- It’s all about having fun:

This event is all about having fun. Remember to have fun and be yourself through it all. Don’t forget that you will always look gorgeous if you’re genuinely comfortable in your own skin because everything else is just a bunch of BS. 

Photo by Hamed Kamel

5- Stick to a number:

Don’t forget to set your budget from day one. Oh, was that too obvious? Yes, it was. But what really makes a difference is sticking to that budget and staying away from the distractions that cause so many brides to subconsciously pay double or even triple the decided amount.