The Bride: The Day before the Wedding


Months and months of endless planning and prepping require some chill time for any bride to recharge before the day of the wedding. It’s the day before the wedding and things are already starting to feel unreal! Tomorrow, you’ll be getting married to the man of your dreams in front of all your family and friends. Despite the overwhelming emotions you’re probably experiencing right now, you need to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. 

Well, yes, your wedding is tomorrow but that doesn’t mean you have to run around in circles trying to make sure no one set the venue on fire or ate the wedding cake! Tonight, our dearest bride, you are chilling the dang out! Even if you need to go over your to-do list, you don’t have to do that feeling extremely anxious. Most importantly, savor every blissful moment and feeling you get. Let’s see what you actually need to be doing the day before your wedding.

Photographed by Ramy Mazzika

Double-check on vendors:

In case you haven’t already done that during the week prior to your wedding day, just check with the vendors to make sure everything is ready, especially if there were details that needed to be changed. Assumedly, your fiancé would be sharing the list of vendors with you, which gives you much less to do. Make sure you confirm with the hairdresser and the makeup artist regarding your whens. 

Check your dress and shoes:

Don’t forget to lay out your dress, shoes, veil, undergarments, and jewelry. Take a closer look at everything when matched together and never let them out of your sight. 

Photographed by Hamed Kamel

Prep an emergency kit:

Prepare a kit that contains extra hairpins, bands, a small sewing kit, tissue, makeup essentials, toothbrush and paste, band-aid, aspirin, and anything else you would consider a lifesaver on your wedding day. This emergency kit is, in fact, a vital tool that should never be neglected. 

Pack everything you need for your wedding day:

If you’re getting ready at the hotel (Or somewhere else), you need to make sure you’ve packed everything you’ll be using. You could even place some things in the car the day before to save yourself the hassle of having to carry too much and all at once. And don’t forget to put your basic personal essentials in your bridal clutch. 

Eat well and stay hydrated:

Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated and to eat clean food the day before. If you dine out, keep it simple and don’t try different cuisines in case it doesn’t flow with your system. Don’t take risks with food you’ve never tried before. Not now, sister.

Photo by Remon El Markiz

Put your phone on silent and disconnect from technology:

Disconnect from your phone, especially from social media. You don’t have to completely turn all your tech gadgets off to relax. However, focus on yourself, clear your mind, and stay away from any negativity. 

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Pamper yourself:

On the day before your wedding, you need to relax and chill as much as you can! Take a warm bath, apply a soothing face mask, wash your hair, spend time with your family, have a good meal, and watch a fun movie.