The Best Time To Get Married For Each Zodiac Sign


By: Farida El Bakry

Reading your horoscope has no become a tradition for many people around the world, especially if it’s revolving around love. From the new romances to the possible rekindles and the heartbreaks and breakups, we’ve gone through each zodiac sign and found the perfect dates for each sign to get married and some recommendations here and there that would fit your zodiac aesthetic. 


This is your year, if you have been considering taking the leap forward then this is the year to do it. Especially since it won’t be the right time again for a while. Consider either taking your romance a step further or completely jumping in if you are ready. Your ideal wedding months are February, May, and early June, and if it’s a wedding filled with red and lavender even better. 


Although you are more focused on financial stability this year, we advise considering the time period between August 15 to September 28, a small time period but one that has the most aligned energy with you. Also if you were to do it, gold and rust colours are your best friend. 


Obsessed with the overall feel of the day we see you enjoying the mood of the event more than anything. May is the perfect month for a Gemini wedding, and purple and greys are the perfect colours to go with it.

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The sign of love will have a nice long window this year to find and lock down some. Romance is coming from May 25 until September 28. Summer season is calling you to have a beach wedding, and remember aqua blue or pastel pink are your colours. 


A dramatic time in your life that fits the drama you exude, until August 24th it is a great time for you to embrace the commitment, and you can do so in all the shades of orange you want. 


You might experience some hesitation from your partner but all it will do is bring you closer. Which is anytime from April 1 to September 14. Consider colours that are white with chartreuse or maroon.