The Best Bridal Jewelry for All Wedding Dress Necklines


The most important rule when it comes to shopping for your bridal jewelry is that less is more! The second most important is choosing your jewelry according to your wedding dress neckline

You’ve already gone through the tough part of choosing your wedding dress and now it’s time to consider the last touches. When coming to choosing the jewelry you must put into consideration your hairstyle, veil, shoes, gerb, and the style of the dress with its fabrication and adornments. 

Just like hairstyles jewelry depends on the type of neckline of the gown. In this article, we have gathered several jewelry types to suit different wedding dress necklines

Search for your dress’s neckline to find the jewelry that best suits it:


• Statement Earrings

You can a bit of drama with a clean strapless gown. Remember those statement earrings will always draw attention to the face.

• Choker or collar-length necklace:

You could wear a choker or a collar-length necklace with either a matching earring or simple studs.

• Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces are a bit tricky. However, if worn right they are absolutely exquisite. Make sure that your dress’s fabric is simple if you’re opting for this option. No extravagant headpiece or earrings or hairstyle either! 

High neck:

• Drop earrings or studs

The high-neck means that there is already a lot going on in the neckline area which means no necklaces. Instead, go for diamond or pearl studs. You can also go with not so big drop earrings. 


• Simple earrings or studs

In the case of a one-shoulder gown, the neckline naturally draws attention to the collarbone and so don’t tangle it too much with a necklace. Go with simple earrings, studs, or drop earrings with this one. 

Boat neckline:

• Earrings

With boat necklines, you must go simple. Go with a smaller necklace with either a solitaire diamond or pearl. You can skip the necklace and wear colorful studs or drop earrings.

Scoop neckline: 

• Matching necklace and earrings

Again we must stress that less is more with bridal jewelry. With scoop necklines try wearing a simple choker with matching stud earrings. 

• Drop earrings

Other than this option you can go with drop earrings and drop the necklace altogether. 

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• Choker with studs

Go simple with a choker and matching studs.

• Earrings with movement 

Skip the necklace and choose a sparkly earring instead.

• A set of pearls

Wear a set of pearls with matching earrings. 



Choose a simple pendant with a drop pearl or diamond and a matching stud earring or ring.