Soraya Shawky’s Skincare Tips to Tryout during the Quarantine


We usually never get the time to make all these homemade beauty masks at home. The quarantine is a chance for all of us ladies and especially brides to be to start a homemade skincare routine until their wedding comes up. Come to think of it, going natural is one of the best methods to take care of your skin and hair. We have gathered in this article a few of Soraya Shawky’s homemade masks for face, body, and hair to try out at home during the quarantine because we will never get a chance like that ever again! Get set ladies for we’re about to shine!

To begin with, Soraya Shawky is the face of Neutrogena, she is an Ayurvedic Beautician, a celebrity makeup artist, who has a master's degree in cosmetology. Follow her Instagram page for more tips on cosmetology and skincare.

1) The first recipe is an aloe vera face mask for getting rid of acne for good!

Watch the video below to see how it's done and applied on your face.

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2) Eat your tan (carrot soup or juice)

Carrots are perfect for skin health as they are full of vitamin A which repairs skin tissues while also protecting skin from harmful radiation. If you want radiant looking skin you'd better give attention to your diet and eat the types of foods that nourish your skin and hair.

Soraya Shawaky

3) Get rid of dark body parts!

Every woman's main concern is getting rid of dark spots on the body. Watch the video below for this superb homemade recipe for a more shiny looking skin.

We spoke about getting rid of darkness & pigmentation on the face now lets talk body!!

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4) Green Tea and Lemon Ice Cubes:

Using GREEN TEA & LEMON ICE CUBES: RefreshesTired-looking Skin heals Facial Puffiness, removes Under-eye Bags, gets Rid Of Pesky Pimples.

Shrinks Open Skin Pores, brightens Skin's Complexion, wards Off Acne Breakouts, lightens Dark Circles.

-Place 2 green tea bags in a mug of boiled water let it cool down

-Put half lemon

-Add 1 teaspoon of honey(optional)

-mix it all then put it in the ice cube tray.

-Do it either in the morning or before you sleep or before you apply your make up.