Saying "Yes" to Marriage...a Horror Film or a Romantic Flick?


What should I have for breakfast? Do I go to the meeting or do I cancel it and go to my friend’s house party instead? Do I wear the blue top or the white one? Do I book my flight in November or in January? Do I take the online photography course or is the pottery one better? Do I marry this dude or is there someone better for me out there? 

Making decisions is a never-ending dilemma and a vital part of life. But when it comes to life-changing matters like marriage, things tend to get even more complicated because we all have our different reasons as to why we want to do it. Some marry for love, some for convenience, others for money and some people only do it to please other people. In the end, the decision to get married is not at all a trouble-free one. Some may argue that making this decision isn’t as hard as people make it out to be because when you know you know, but how do you really know? And can you actually know for certain?