Romantic Getaway Ideas For You And Your Partner!


Romantic getaways are the most ideal way to enjoy each other’s company without getting disturbed by the constant, mundane responsibilities of everyday life. From the unnecessary phone calls and weekly meetings and all the must do things in your day to day life it’s important to take time and be present and bond with each other to keep the romance alive and keep your relationship fresh. Whether it’s a glamorous luxury week long vacation or a simple 2 day road trip to the nearest bed and breakfast, we came up with a list of all the great getaway ideas to try with your partner. 

Short And Sweet

Sometimes we can’t all pack up our things and have a romantic trip on a whim, we understand that which is why short and sweet trips are just the solution you need for when you want to take a break from everything with your favourite person and just sit back and enjoy each others company. Our favourite short and sweet vacations are usually in places close by that are great for relaxing but also have activities around you that can keep yourselves entertained and active.

Our suggestions are Alexandria when it’s not raining it’s beautiful any time of the year, and there is so much to do! Whether it’s a day trip or an overnight stay at its beautiful Cecil hotel it’s a great choice. Also if you are more into a relaxing type of atmosphere versus just going for activities another great option is Sokhna, only an hour away from Cairo this could either be a day trip or an overnight stay as well! You can feast at any of the great fish markets and watch the view or stay in any hotel nearby like the infamous Porto Sokhna, or more understated, romantic choices like Cancun or Azha. 

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For A Longer Getaway

Those who can spare a chance or the vacation days definitely should consider planning a beautiful weeklong stay to get their mind off the stress of work and enjoy the company of their partners. Whether it’s a beach getaway or something more luxurious and understated we’ve got your options listed.

For something different and out of the ordinary why not take a trip to Aswan. You can go by train and experience all the beauty it has to offer, from staying at the beautiful boutique hotels to the adventurous activities you can enjoy, it’s truly worth experiencing. If Aswan is not what you’re looking for, then why not take a rendezvous trip to Marsa Allam? Although it’s quite a long trip, the beautiful scenery makes it worth it, you can soak up the sun, try out scuba diving, and of course get a gorgeous tan any time of the year.