Other Delicious Food You Can Serve That Looks Like Cake


There are a few things a wedding would not be complete without. The bride, the groom, and of course the wedding cake. Over the years there has been a variety of different cake trends for weddings, from outrageous large cakes that aren't actually all edible to small humble cakes to cakes with over the top gems and designs, to cakes that have no design at all and are “naked”.

The world of cakes has evolved and shape-shifted immensely over the years to accommodate all the different wedding themes that happen, but what happens if you don’t like cake? What if you prefer things to eat and don’t want to have a cake? We combined different foods that look like cake and could be a great replacement to the usual wedding cake below!

Waffle Cake

Everyone loves waffles, and what sounds more appetising than having a long tower of waffles with all the topics someone can dream of on top of it and in the middle. From fruits to syrups and different toppings like nuts, a waffle cake can sound fun and very adaptable depending on what you enjoy. You can also have a variety of different waffle cakes with different flavour combinations and toppings as well.

Crepe Cake

Like the waffle cake, the crepe cake is also a great option. Gaining popularity over social media over how is easy and tasty it is to make, the crepe cakes best asset is there is no limit to how many layers you can have. It’s also a great light option for those who don’t want a heavy cake and want to focus on other desserts instead. Consisting of only the crepe and whipped cream it’s a great option and very safe when it comes to flavours and consistency.

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Cheese Cake

Are you a cheese lover? Do you love some cheesy fresh fondue, maybe you want a design element for the wedding cake and for it to fit the theme over it being edible and tasty. Well, then why not go for a cheese wheel cake? An option for the quirky couples that want to feel french, the cheese wheel cake is made entirely out of different cheese wheels and is shaved instead of sliced. This is great because you can serve crackers on the side and have each wheel be a different flavour. It’s a more savoury option but still delicious.

Donut Cake