New bride? Ramadan Ifetar Outfits To Try Out!


If this is your first Ramadan as a new bride, know that you have different commitments now! From the preparation of the food and which guests to invite over for the first time, and of course which gatherings are you going to go too, it’s a month filled with social events and amazing food. However, with so many gatherings and so many different possibilities to feast on delicious meals, there is the question that asks itself. The one that every woman or human being that cares for appearance asks when they leave the house and know they will be seeing lots of friends and family at once. What am I going to wear?


The trick to picking a Ramadan outfit is that there is a checklist it must follow for it to be considered the ideal Iftar/ Sohour outfit. The first thing you have to consider is it can’t be too tight, of course, if you want to wear tight you can but people usually avoid tight clothing for two specific reasons. The first is relating to religious and modesty issues, the second is because no one wants a pooch after they’ve eating several servings of everything including Fatta, and Konafa. There is no shame in it, we all know it’s there but some people choose not to show it and that’s fine.

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Another important thing to consider in Ramadan attire is you want print, everyone loves a good print especially in a gathering, whether it’s colourful, tasteful, or textured, there is an important emphasis on wearing something flowing with print and unleashing your inner aunt aesthetic. If you are not going to do it in Ramadan, you might as well not do it at all, because this is the season for it. Prints can be anything and they can be oriental related to the season or just random prints that match with the colour blocking, it’s important though to have fun.