It’s the Morning of Your Wedding Day...Let’s Try to Play it Cool

What to do on the morning of your wedding


The alarm goes off and you’re up. It’s the morning of your wedding. It’s the actual show. No more tiresome planning, it’s finally happening! You both must have spent hours on end dealing with vendors, choosing from different shades of colors, running from one fitting to another, trying out different foods for the wedding menu, tasting different types of cake, visiting every furniture department to furnish your new apartment, and so much more, up till this very moment on the morning of your wedding

In just a few hours, you’ll be Mr. and Mrs. Just take a moment to take that in and understand that all of this is neither about the planning nor is it about the party. It’s about you and your loved one finally making it happen, becoming one entity, and building a bond that is unbreakable.

Photographed by Remon Elmarkiz

Today, there is not much to do, just get ready for your night and have the time of your life. Now is the time to get excited! But don’t forget to get these right before you set off:

Wake up on time:

The alarm sets off. Don’t turn it off and go back to sleep. This is not some regular work day; you should’ve gone to bed early the day before, and are up and kicking by now!

Photographed by Ehab Zakaria


To set a relaxing mood for your day, you could start off by practicing a bit of meditation or yoga. If you’re not a regular exerciser, you could practice for 15 minutes. That’s really all you need to feel the difference.

Don’t forget your meals:

Depending on the time of the wedding during the day, you mustn’t forget to eat your meals because you’ll need all the fuel you can get. The show must go on. 

Drink enough water:

Drink enough water so as not to get too dehydrated. You’ll be exerting a lot of effort dancing and greeting people, which means that you’re going to lose a lot of water. Just make sure to drink most of your water earlier in the morning and not right before you leave for the event. You don’t want to run to the bathroom every 6 minutes! 

Set a timeline:

Have a set timeline for the entire day, so you don’t lose track of time and then, fall behind on your schedule. Give yourself lots of time to get ready and always remember that rushing things can be a cause for stress.

Photographed by Melad Nasif

Charge your phone:

Don’t forget to charge your phone one last time, preferably right before the ceremony starts. 

Pack your personal stuff:

Don’t forget to take your room key, perfume, and anything else that might come in handy, with you. You could prepare a small emergency kit in case of any emergencies.