How to make your day sustainable and have a lasting impact?


Sustainability has become more of a necessity than a trend in recent years, but how do you ensure that you are making a lasting impact that spreads beyond just the day itself and the memories taken from it. Going green can sound scary and over the top, and might even come across as a hassle but we’re here to show you that sustainability can be doable and convenient if planned right. 

The first suggestion we recommend is all about venues, choosing a venue that prioritizes sustainability is very important when considering how you can be effectively sustainable. This could mean either the venue you choose is close to most of your guest list, reducing petrol usage, or a venue by the beach that is more eco-friendly and efficient in their resources. 

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Another helpful tip on sustainability is re-use and recycle. To make a lasting impact you can donate the decor afterward to help people who are trying to get married on a tighter budget. Ask if your wedding planner does that already or if she would be interested, and the best thing is you don’t have to donate the decor just for other weddings, parties, schools, and even clubs could all benefit from your decorations depending on your theme! 

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Skipping foreign flowers is also a very important note. Although they might look appealing, non local flowers are not only a hassle to get and grow but also are not as sustainable as you would think. Opting for locally grown flowers from local florists not only is better for the environment but also supports local brands and florists especially if you are buying the arrangements in bulk. 

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