How to Choose Your Wedding Videographer

A one of a kind storyteller


A good story is the one worth telling, the one worth re-living and the one that you lived yourself. Your wedding is the story you will keep telling for good and since all human beings are storytellers by default, each in his own way, you will need to find yourself a one of a kind storyteller, who will film your wedding day, make you relive it every time you watch the movie and be your wedding videographer.

Somewhere right now, there is a bride to be watching some wedding videos online with her groom and friends to make that same decision you made, to hire a videographer for her night. So, here are some tips to go for all searchers on finding your wedding videographer.

Do some research:

After taking that decision, you will start your research which will mostly be online. So, to get a perfect result out of that you will need to:

1- Look for local videographers in your area or the ones your venue deals with. 

2- Watch movies, features, and videos about weddings and that were taken at wedding parties. 

3- Search for online “Show reals” and Videographers’ “Portfolios”. Don’t forget to read the reviews and comments.

4- Ask your friends, relatives, wedding planner and photographer for the best filmmakers in the field, based on some personal experience. 

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Pick only the best:

We know that everyone has a camera and almost everyone will be taking pictures and shooting videos at your wedding, but do you want your everlasting memory to be noisy, pixelated, shaky, unclear and not focused on you?! So, that’s why you should pick only the best filmmaker, a one who knows the “Know How” with a professionally artistic eye for details. 

Photo by: Mohamed Atef

It takes time and lots of questions: 

Take all the time you need in your research, but once you have a name list, you will need to have these questions answered by each one of them. 

- Do you have an assistant to help you with the shooting and editing?

- What camera do you use and what kind of equipment you need and why?

- When will I receive the final version for the video and in what format?

- Do you have a story board in mind? What does it look like?

- What style do you prefer and master best? And can you show me a demo for each?

- What are your different packages and what do they include?

- Are you willing to offer any extras? What are they?