How to Choose Your Wedding Venue?

The place that will save your memories for good


Places keep our moments, our events, our joy and our sorrow. Places are unforgettable, just like the people. They sometimes turn into living creatures with a timeless memory. When it comes to weddings, places also hold on to love, vows, intimacy, promises and the amiability oath that the couple takes toward each other and will hold them together for as long as it is meant to be. 

Choosing your wedding venue needs some considerations, wrapping them up, we will tell you how to make that call.

Make some agreements:

Before even discussing the venue options, you need to make some agreements together as a couple, just don’t go any further before combining your personalities together and making up your minds on these points:

1- Which type of venues and weddings suits you both more? Is it outdoor venues, a beach, a classic ceremony, indoor celebration, a boat, a yacht, historical venue, gardens, a museum or maybe a theater, your old school - if it is a historical building - or a place where you feel like yourselves? All of these are options, yes they are endless, but once you both talk about it, you will limit the choices and figure it out. 

Wedding venue: Sheraton Sharm Hotel, Resort, Villas & Spa

2- Set a number for your venue budget, a maximum amount that both of you agree on, will stick to and can never exceed.

3- What is the space that you both will be comfortable with? Do you want a dancing floor? Do you need a cozy place or a fancy one? Will you be having a huge number of guests? Decide on the average number that you will book the venue according to?

4- You need to agree that it’s not a must for the venue to take your breath away from the first time. Stay open to options and new places and don’t forget that the wedding planner is a magic maker who can turn an ordinary place into an outstanding one.

Wedding planning by Aya Fahmi

5- Are there some things that you can never leave behind? Is your life dream to have a wedding beside the sea? Is it your life-long wish to invite only your best friends and have a wedding somewhere away from the capital or your original city? Talk to your partner about that and find out about the non-negotiable details from his point of view.

6- The date and the timing controls nearly 50% of the wedding venue choices. Do you want to have your wedding in winter or during the summer? Is it important for you to have it on a specific day like your anniversary or on a weekend? Choose the date or an estimate for it and be flexible enough that you may have to change that date if you found your perfect location. 

7- If you know that you are a control freak who has to be in charge all of the time and have to stay ahead, you need to agree on booking the venue a year before your date or 8 months max. And don’t forget about the number of hours, if you want the event to last for 4 hours, more or less.


Read, listen and watch:

Here are some things that you need to know more about either through reading, listening or watching:

1- Listen to people’s recommendations, they can offer you a really perfect choice.

2- Listen to your gut, follow how you feel about the places that you visit. It will usually guide you better than any other thing. 

3- Read the place’s regulations very well before deciding on anything, they may have some rules that won’t go with what you want.

4- Make sure that you read couples' reviews about all the venue’s details and services on multiple platforms.

5- Watch pictures and videos for weddings and events that took place in this venue.

Wedding venue: Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel

Ask those people about their opinion: 

Even though it’s your wedding, there are other people who should have an opinion and you need to consider it. Let’s find out more about them:

1- The wedding planner: double check with him/her that the place you chose is good enough for what you agreed upon. 

2- The photographer: ask your wedding photographer if he/she will be comfortable with the kind of lighting in that place and if it will look nice in the pictures. 

3- The caterer: be sure that the catering service provider that you chose will be able to deliver the food on time to that place and will be able to work and serve your guests easily in that setting.