How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers in 6 Steps

Let your big day bloom!


Feeling disappointed during wedding preparations while trying to customize every little detail to match your theme and express your creative personality, unfortunately, happens to brides all the time. For some things seem almost impossible to control, but choosing your flowers is something that you should be able to have fun with. Are you ready to introduce the world to your refined taste? 

I know that it is easier said than done, but we are here to guide you through these 6 steps on how to choose the perfect flowers for your perfect day:  

1. Season and time of year

Are you going to have your wedding in the fall, spring, winter, or summer? The Season plays a major role in determining your flower choices, be it the color or the type. There are some flowers that are popular and that grow almost all year long in Egypt, like blue and white Lilies, Chamomiles, Lotuses, Papyruses, Daisies, Belladonnas, Cactuses, Pomegranates, Sunflowers, Willows, Crowns, Daturas, and Oleanders.

I know that these names may sound Latin to you, but Google is now your best friend. Do your research and write down the names of the flowers that you like because we will need them later. Keep reading on, as we will address flower colors, which can be more important than the types themselves. For example: if you are having a fall wedding, go for bold and vivid colors, like orange, gold, green, or chocolate brown, while winter and spring almost match, due to their fuzzy aesthetic. Going all white wonderland is great during winter and spring, on the other hand, summer screams warm colors, like light blues, creams, and yellows. 

2. Wedding theme and style

Wedding flowers should complement and represent your wedding style and theme, for example: if you are having a big, elegant, and formal wedding, going with the same kind of flowers as those of the centerpieces or those between decor arrangements is your go to. However, if you plan on throwing a simple, informal ceremony; creativity in mixing and matching colors, and going DIY with your decoration is definitely required. 

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3. Wedding venue

Imagine with me that you’re about to move into a new place, what you’d typically do is pick out the furniture according to the place’s design and your personal taste. That’s exactly what you should do when choosing your flowers, keeping in mind the placement of the favor table, place-card table, bar area, food station, and any other zone that you reckon could use a smart, beautiful addition to it. Exploring Pinterest before doing so will inspire and help you in deciding where and how you’re going to place your flowers.