How to Choose Your Wedding Dress

Let your dress do the talking


Even if you’re not the type of woman who cares too much about details and even if you’ve never visualized or had in mind a picture of your wedding day, still, you’ve definitely thought at least once about your wedding dress because it IS a big deal. And it’s not about how expensive, showy, or fancy your dress is, it’s about whether it reflects who you are or not. Allow your personality to shine through your dress and allow us to help you choose right. 

1- Your body controls the style:

Listen to your body, it knows best and will always let you know when something feels off. The right dress should perfectly match the shape of your body. Find out your body type first and then start exploring all the wedding gowns that match your beautiful figure. This is the first and most vital step to take before moving on to the next one.

Dress by Shay's Couture

2- Never out of date:

It’s not about what is trendy and what is not. It’s definitely not about what your best friend chose to wear on her wedding day, either. Bottom line is, this is about you and only you. It’s about your own point of view, your taste, what you’re comfortable in, your style, and what YOU love. Forget the latest trends and what’s in right now, if you love your dress and it makes you feel ecstatic, then it’s timeless.

3- When to try it on:

Try to avoid late night fittings in order to get the best out of the provided service without having to deal with an exhausted salesperson whose only wish in life is to go home. Also, you need some daylight, woman! You need to see that dress under natural light if you really want to do this the right way.

4- Don’t fully trust the mirror:

Mirrors can be deceiving, so avoid relying on them alone when deciding on the matter. Take tons of pictures using your cell camera, just make sure it’s a good one. See for yourself how the dress looks on you in pictures. In fact, always follow this rule when you’re shopping for clothes. 

Dress designed by Nehal Khalifa

5- Stay interested:

Sorry to say this, but you’re not allowed to feel bored or frustrated as long as you still haven’t found your wedding dress. However, remember that you need, at least, 3 months to shop and try dresses on. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, which you will, leave the store and go back later when you’re feeling like yourself again. You come first. 

6- The neck matters:

The top part of the dress/bustier is the first thing your eyes will notice when looking at wedding photographs, which makes for a great reason to take the top part into consideration when making your choice.

Dress by Ahmed Fayez 

7- Don’t go it alone:

You can always start looking for your gown on your own if you feel like it. But remember that the ones who love you are set and ready to help you on your journey. No matter how autonoums you are, there’s no doubt that you will need at least one other person’s opinion when making such an important decision. 

8- How to prepare for a fitting:

Take with you the actual undergarments that you’ll be wearing to your wedding; specifcally, the bra and panties. You want to see and make certain that everything fits into your picture frame. Don’t forget the shoes, too! Or, use a pair that’s exactly the same height as the wedding pair. A term to also keep in mind is “Bridal Sizing”, which constitutes that a bride should always get a dress that’s one or two sizes bigger than her actual one. 

9- Is it a match?

Your dress should go with all the other wedding details, including the theme and color palette, so decide on the theme before getting your dress and before deciding on its style. 

Photo by Chronicle Studios

10- Your dress will find you:

Always be prepared to have a dress shock you with its divinity at any point in time. Yes, we know that wedding dresses should be white, puffy, and heavy as hell, but traditions are called traditions because they’re ancient and were invented by people who are now dead. If you find a dress that you can’t let go of even though it comes off or stands out as rebellious or unusual, get it! No one on this Earth has the right to tell you what should or shouldn’t make you happy.

11- Go shopping with a budget:

You gotta come up with a budget first before jumping into any and all dress shenanigans. Who’s paying for the dress? How much are you willing to pay? What’s the average price of a wedding dress? Don’t let the prices get the best of you because there are so many ways to get your dream dress made.  

12- It’s non-negotiable:

Never compromise on this one, it’s non-negotiable. If you are not absolutely and wholeheartedly head over heels for your dress, all you gotta say is “Thank you, next”. Learn how to boldly say “NO”.