How to Choose Your Makeup Artist

Can you “Makeup” your mind?


As a bride, you’re most probably gnawing at your brain trying to find the perfect makeup look that’ll both make you shine and feel like royalty. You’re worried about overdoing it, making a wrong choice, smudging it...etc. You want to look great in pictures while also feeling like yourself on your big day. Choosing your makeup artist is one of the bride’s most urgent tasks and we’re here to lend a helping hand in that department.

Remember, you don’t want to cover up your face nor hide it, you want to accentuate the beauty that you already exude.

Here are some tips that will help you make the right choice. 

Makeup artist Soha Khoury

1- Do your homework: 

Did you know that your body understands you more than anyone? your body literally translates anything and everything you feel into some sort of physical manifestation and you know it. If you give your body care and love, you will be rewarded. That’s exactly why you need to start paying attention to your skin and body early on, preferably around 8 months before the wedding. Maybe you need to pay the dermatologist a visit to help you understand how to properly take care of that complexion, or maybe you’ve been thinking about visiting the beauty clinic. Whatever it is that you need to do to feel happy and to prep your face for your wedding makeup look, get on it early.

2- Where to hunt:

It’s probably no news to you that social media platforms are now the way to find almost anything because the internet is PACKED with makeup enthusiasts and professionals! First, you need to come up with the look that you want to go for, be it classic, bronze, simple, nude, shimmery, Arab, you name it. Collect images of the style you have in mind, go crazy with it. Through the previous process alone, your list of names of artists could be narrowed down according to expertise and capabilities. If makeup isn't really your thing, ask someone who’s really into it because chances are they already know all the names of the good MUAs. 

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