Green Weddings: How to Reduce Waste in Your Big Day

Mother nature will thank you!


Getting married? Say YES to eco-friendly green weddings! Environment friendly wedding trends are coming back more beautifully every year. Paper invitations, flowers, plastic, 100-tier wedding cakes? The wedding industry is guilty of big environmental waste. Help make a positive impact by making proactive changes into having a green wedding. Celebrate love and the environment on your big day with these sustainable ideas:

Do digital invitations 

In an age of social media, go digital whenever you want. Not only do you save money, you save trees! Don’t hassle yourself by spreading physical paper invitations and wasting paper, send them electronically. Or from your wedding account on our website, from here in which you will find invitations online with different designs.

Collect unwanted food

Any large occasion acquires leftover food that can be donated. Almost every wedding will end up with tier of uneaten cake and trays of untouched food. Arrange with you caterer to collect the food for people in need or even stray animals. 

Skip plastic 

Single-use plastic utensils and decorations are a no-no. Go for reusable materials like glass and metal for your drink and food servings. It’s more elegant and less wasteful. 

Edible favors 


Wedding favors are cute but rarely healthy for the environment. They use lots of wrapping, and often end up collecting dust on your guest’s shelves. Try something new and do edible wedding favors, everyone loves a treat!

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Pick a sustainable venue