Get Ready for Your Wedding Day and Give Yourself a Break!

Delegating tasks one week before the wedding


Taking a break one week before the wedding is a big no-no in any bride or groom’s dictionary. However, the truth is it is defiantly possible to catch your breath with the help of your close friends and family. You can always delegate certain tasks to them while some tasks you’ll have to do yourselves.

Here we will tell the tasks you can let go of and delegate to others and how to do so while making sure that they will be done the way you want them to be. We will tell you when to delegate and who to delegate so you can take a break a week before your wedding while making sure everything is ready for the big day.

1- Who to ask for help:

One week before the wedding means that all the tasks need following up on and the person who should be doing this job must know all the details concerning the wedding like the people closest to you from your best friends, cousins, parents, and siblings.  You must ask help form very trusted people who you would trust your own life with, who will take care of the given task as if it were their own, who will want to help out without any sense of forced obligation towards you, those who are sensible, capable, and responsible.  

2- Task checklist:

Your checklist for the tasks that need to be done one week before your wedding should be ready by now. All you need to do is go through them one by one and pick out the tasks that could be delegated. Those tasks are basically regular last-minute logistics and organization like attending to the guests, double-checking appointments and purchases with vendors and suppliers, and crisis management ahead of time.

3- How to distribute the tasks:

No one knows better who can handle each task on your checklist better than yourselves.  For example, transporting the furniture to your new apartment can be done by the bride’s father. However, a task such as dealing with workers at the apartment can’t be done by the groom’s sister but instead his brother or his best man. 

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4- How to delegate:

Giving tasks only by mouth may result in unfinished tasks that will blow up in your face on your wedding day. To be organized and adequate with delegating your tasks, you could create a Whatsapp group to follow up with everyone.  Or better still you could use a smart organizing app such as Trello that can easily do the job for you. Trello is a brilliant app perfect for delegating tasks to others while keeping track of their progress. It’s quite simple to use and if you searched for “wedding tasks Trello board” you will find examples on boards to use for your wedding.