Foods You Should Never Ever Serve at Weddings

Beyond smelly fish


When you think about forbidden wedding foods, you think smelly fish right? But there’s more to the art of wedding catering than we know. Wedding is not only a formal glamorous event, but it also brings many people of different tastes together. It’s challenging enough to set a menu that satisfies most, so don’t make these rookie no-no wedding food mistakes. From messy to smelly food, here’s the catering food you shouldn’t serve at your wedding: 

1. Smelly food

Tuna or any type of fish is a big no. The strong aroma will over power the rest of the food and suppress people’s appetite. Just imagine walking in a glamorous gown and you smell tuna in the air, it’s a killer. 

2. Fast foods

Burgers, chicken nuggets, and fries shouldn’t be the highlight of your wedding food menu. This is your big day, don’t give it a drive-thru greasy menu. Think elegant foods like steaks not cheese burgers. 

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3. Exotic foods