Elie & Kika: The Wedding that Took Our Breaths Away

1 year of planning, 4 attire designs, and a three-day wedding


Just like a perfect plotline, this wedding has an intro, a climax, and a mesmerizing finale. We’re talking about a three-day wedding that easily earned the title of “Lebanon’s wedding of the year”. We’re talking about an event that took 1 whole year of planning, 4 different garment designs with over 1 million sequins for extra flare, a spectacular firework display at midnight, and an eye determined to make it all come true. It’s Elie Saab Junior’s wedding to Christina Mourad, or what’s better known globally as the #ElieKika wedding. 

Let’s get down to each and every detail of this dazzling wedding that took our breath away:

How it all started

10 years ago, our bride Christina Mourad met the International Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab for the first time and when she did, her exact words were, according to Brides.com “I met my father-in-law, Elie Saab, ten years ago and told him on that day that I would like him to realize my wedding gown”. Then one fine afternoon about one year ago, Kika was introduced to her groom for the first time by his younger brother Celio Saab, who she had known for a number of years at that time. 

The couple started dating and after 3 months, Elie Junior proposed and Kika said yes! However, the bride thought planning a wedding like that would take time...and it did. Planning this wedding took 1 whole year until Friday the 19th of July, 2019, after exactly a 13-month-engagement.

Everything that went down 

The festivities started with a pre-wedding celebration and a luxurious reception at Le plateau de Bakish in Bakish, Lebanon, where the bride wore her first gown, which was designed by her father-in-law: a white floor-length jumpsuit with a gold belt, a sheer golden abaya, and a gold headpiece. The mother of the groom Claudine Saab also wore a long royal blue dress with a sheer abaya designed by, of course, her husband.

Then came the big day where the couple chose to tie the knot at the church of Bkerké for its historical and religious significance. Over a thousand guests attended the elaborate ceremony and got to witness the couple looking like true royalty. 

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The first customized wedding attire made by Elie Saab was a white sleeveless tulle ball gown adorned with 500,000 sequins and a 14-foot-long train. 

“The whole world is watching and she is worth it” said the bride’s make-up artist Bassam Fattouh who posted a picture of Kika’s first look on his own social media channels. Bassam went for a flawless complexion matched with subtle smokey eyes and nude lips, all done using his own brand line products. A line that was founded under his own name. 

Kika’s hairstyle was created by the talented Wassim Morkos and the whole event was photographed by ParAzar Productions and Carl Halal. As for the wedding planning, Neiman Azzi decorated the aisle inside the church and its secret garden with lush greenery and 365 taper candles mirroring each day of the year.

After tying the knot, the newlyweds and their guests moved on to their next stop for the main wedding celebration at Faqra club, which is located in the hometown of Saab’s family. The bride was dressed in her second custom-made gown by her father-in-law; a glittery, champagne full-skirted dress corseted with 650,000 sequins, 150,000 Swarovski crystals, and 50,000 more sequins for the veil and the headpiece.

Claudine Saab wore a powder blue off-shoulder dress with a golden bodice belt, again designed by Elie himself.