Create Your Wedding Registry List 101

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Registry lists are yet another western tradition that we Arabs have recently decided to adopt. The good news is; this one’s a true keeper. So, what is a wedding Registry list, you ask? And why is it important to include one in your wedding planning process? I suppose we shall find out soon, keep scrolling, amigos.

A registry list is a damn long list that you and your partner should come up with sometime before the wedding takes place. This list should include all the necessities that will make your life with your partner easier and happier. Registry lists often include Bathroom supplies, kitchenware, outdoor and travel equipment, bedroom belongings, etc.…It’s basically your chance to both receive whatever items you wish for.

Having a registry list allows your guests to choose from a wide selection of items that you and your partner would love to have in your new home. Registry lists also save you from the frustration of receiving a gift that you neither like nor need. In addition to that, they also save the guests from getting you the same gift twice because the list is public and items that have already been purchased are marked as such. Now, let’s get started.

Create your wish list from here

Don’t last minute it

Even if you still haven’t decided on every single item that is to be included in your list, prepare your list 4-6 months before the wedding even if it’s still made up of just a few items. In doing so, you will be pleasing some of your especially close guests because we assure you that some guests will want to buy you a gift early on, maybe even right after they hear of your engagement. You can always fill in or alter your list, so don’t feel pressured yet, it’s going to be okay.

Share it months before the wedding

Don’t limit it

Do not limit yourself to one store, no matter how much you love it. Register items that vary in prices and in categories, why? Because you don’t want to embarrass your guests with the price tags of some of your must-haves! You want to be as flexible and as versatile as possible. Word of advice, it’s best to choose a few big chain stores and register from them because chain stores sell almost everything. That way, you can let your uncle splurge if he wants to while also allowing guests with a lower budget to be part of the game. 

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Go see for yourself 

Go visit the stores you like and ask them if they offer wedding registries. After you set your mind on a store(s), check out the items in person with your other half. Check out the return policies of your registered items. You have got to get ahead of these matters, in order to make it easier for yourself in the long run.

Know what you’re looking for

Want to find the best registry gifts? Follow these 4 guidelines: Look for items that match your lifestyle

Look for items that will last

Look for items that are practical and that you use often 

Look for items that add a personal touch

Register your list online

You’re such a lucky couple because we offer an impeccable online registry checklist service on our website. Our registry checklist allows you to add, edit and remove all your chosen items. It is accessible to anyone with the link to your list and it notifies you when an item has been purchased by a guest. We got it all! Your wishlist fantasy is just a few clicks away!