Couples New Years Resolutions for a Healthier Relationship

Grow together


A new year means a fresh start to your relationship. Start the new year with a couples resolution list for 2021 to refresh your love life. Doing a list together will make you accountable for it and it’s a perfect excuse to try new things. All couples get into a comfy routine in their relationships and they stop challenging each other.

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Sit together with a coffee and right your couple resolutions no matter how big or small they are and start checking them off. By the end, you’ll learn new things about yourself and your partner while coming out with healthy habits. Don’t know where to start? Here are some resolutions every couple should be doing: 

Have weekly date nights

All couples get busy and lazy over time. Don't lose the spark by making effort to go on date nights every week. Get dressed up and try new restaurants and cuisines every time. 

Communicate more

Put the technology down and communicate distraction-free. Learn about each other’s triggers and what upsets you. The more you communicate, the less you’ll piker and fight over the little things. Learn about your partner’s love language, make them feel seen. 

 Take some me-time 

Although the view on the me-time theory differs, we can’t deny the importance of taking a break periodically. A relationship is a full-time job, you need some time alone to reflect and recharge. A little break to take a walk or catch up with friends will make you both eager to see each other again. Make 2021 about boundaries and taking breaks when needed.  

 Explore new hobbies together