Best Bouquet Flowers for your Winter Wedding


Every bride has a checklist for her big day; the dress, the shoes, and of course the wedding bouquet. Picking a bouquet can seem like a stressful experience, do you match it to the flower arrangements and the theme, or do you match it to your makeup and dress, or do you just pick your favourite colour and hope that it looks good when it’s time for pictures? You could, or you can pick flowers that work well and look good, and build our bouquet around them, especially for a winter wedding. 

The Homeshop

The first flower we want to talk about is, of course, the white rose. A staple when thinking of a traditional bride and pairs really well with either a traditional gown or a modern gown because it gives that effortless bridal flair. White roses are great because they are a centre-pieces on their own and can be elevated just by adding some simple green supporting plants and flowers to really finish off the bouquet. It really is a top recommendation for a winter wedding

The Homeshop

Not feeling rosy? Try out an orchid instead, although they are very rare and more on the pricier side, they truly are worth it. White orchids are great because they are very gentle and elegant as a flower and in a bouquet. They work great for brides that would rather go on the more simpler side in terms of wedding aesthetic or just the bouquet, or also for a modern bride that wants a unique twist to her bridal style. They pair great with unique textures and give lots of room for experimentation with stems and plants to create an ideal winter wedding bouquet look. 

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May Flowers

For a more cheerful and upbeat bouquet aesthetic consider daisies. Daisies are great if you want to have a full, big bouquet as they can be aired with other dominating flowers such as red roses and carnations as well. They give you the chance to not only experiment with colour but also with the structure of the bouquet while still maintaining the traditional shape and feel.