All the 2021 Wedding Trends You Need To Know

Welcome the new year right


The new is around the corner, and it's bringing some new hot 2021 wedding trends we are loving. From tents and twinkling lights to more color, this year is break us out of our comfort zones. We’re seeing a lot of personalization and uniqueness year by year in the wedding world. Read more to find out which 2021 wedding trends suits you more best. 

Colors in 2021

Weddings have been all-white and 50 shades of neutral for too long. This year, it’s about time we experiment with colors. Let’s add corals and deep lush colors over the basic color palates we’ve been overusing for years. 

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Mini cakes 

Couples are skipping the multi-tier over the top cakes for something smaller and more meaning full. Mini and one tier cakes are taking the spotlight in 2021. Smaller cakes can be just as attention grabbing with beautiful designs and much less wasteful in the long run. 

Mixed seating 

In 2021, we’re optimizing comfort. So let’s ditch the rock hard chair for alternatives like sofas or poufs, or mixed them all! Non-Traditional seating is in this year, and your guests will love you for it. 

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