A Cry for Help on Social Media from Married Couples in Quarantine!

How is married life treating you during Coronavirus?!


Throughout the past few weeks of the quarantine, people are turning to social media to express how married life has been treating them. Challenging is an understatement when a married couple starts to work from home thus spending way too much time than they’re used to together. Of course, Egyptians turned to social media creating endless memes and cracking stomach aching jokes around the subject.  It’s what we do best in such grave times and fighting Coronavirus (covid19) is no different!

While in many ways these memes make us turn to the positive side of the situation, many couples are quite frustrated with spending the quarantine together. In fact, worldwide statistics have proven that domestic violence percentage has increased by up to 30% in some countries; the negative side.  We sure hope that everyone stays sane and safe getting through this. In the meantime let’s get a bit of a laugh from the funniest social media memes about married couples during the quarantine!


even after the quarantine beings we won't take no for an answer!

Even after the quarantine beings... We won't take no for an answer!


We even created the Corona wedding dress code!