8 Ways To Have A Disco Wedding Without It Feeling Too 80s


Disco culture is so fun, from the sequins to the music and the dance floors, although if it’s not done right it can end up feeling very dated and 80’s even though that was not the original theme. There are endless ways to use disco balls and disco elements to have a fun themed wedding without it looking like a cheap costume party. 


If you are having a disco themed wedding, then your pictures should capture that as well. We aren’t talking about wearing a jumpsuit and putting a fake afro wig on with your partner. Instead, maybe have some disco balls in the background, why not even have the photoshoot with some creative lights to give it a bit of a funky flair, after all, you are not having a traditional wedding, there is no reason why your pictures should be traditional as well. 

Capturing Centrepieces 

Centerpieces are everything, you can tell a lot about the wedding based on the centerpieces and how well they are designed and placed. For a disco themed wedding you can get very creative with the centerpieces, maybe have a few disco balls stacked in a way where they look like they are falling, or maybe have an abstract centerpiece where it has tinsel and accessories to make it look very disco-esque, without it bordering on tacky of course. 

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The Ceiling Is the Limit