8 Types of Food to Stay Away from on Your Wedding Day


Newlyweds should be having the time of their lives on their wedding day. Not only should they steer clear of any drama that might disrupt their moods, but there are also certain food guidelines that they should follow.

There are a lot of things that need to be perfect on the big day, the suit, the dress, the venue...Now all of that would get in the way of the bride and the groom remembering to eat. Even though food could help decrease the anxiety caused by worrying about these things, but that doesn’t mean that any kind of food would do the trick.

So, let’s talk about the certain types of food that you should avoid on your wedding day.

1- Sugar:

Stay away from any kinds of sugar prior to your wedding day. Having excess sugar in your body can have multiple unwanted side effects like hyperactivity, feeling drowsy or being impulsive. However, if you really feel the need for something sweet, then go for fruits, only not bananas or grapes because these two are extremely high in sugar.

2- Cheese:

Everyone loves cheese! And it’s almost always the main ingredient in any breakfast meal. On the other hand, what some people don’t know is that cheese has a really high-fat percentage and is not easy to digest. Food Nutritionist Brad Davidson says that a platter of cheese has its fair share of side effects as well, like nausea or feeling bloated, which are two things that you definitely don’t want to experience on your wedding day

3- Caffeine:

Some people can’t operate without their morning cup of coffee. On your wedding day, you wouldn’t want to be doing that. Your morning cup of coffee could help in making you feel more nervous. It’s best to drink a cup of herbal tea instead. 

4- Koshary:

This is a pretty significant Egyptian dish that we all love and crave from time to time. It’s best not to succumb to its craving days before your wedding day. You wouldn’t want to be visiting the bathroom every 10 minutes.

Photo credits: Kusharista

5- Spicy food:

Spicy food causes heartburn and acid reflux, two main causes of bad breath. I don’t think I need to specify further why you would want to avoid that. 

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6- Fizzy drinks: 

For those of you with weak stomach muscles, it’s best if you replace your regular soda with a cup of tea or a glass of water. Sodas can easily upset your stomach if mixed with food. 

7- Fried Food:

This is a complete no no on your wedding day! Anything drenched in oil is bad. It would be best to choose veggies instead and combine them with any natural oils, like olive oil or coconut oil, which would regulate your sugar levels and keep you energized for as long as the DJ spins those tracks.

8- Carbs:

Foods rich in carbs, like biscuits and french fries, can make you feel gassy while being digested. There are certain types of carbs though that can be easily digested like rice, pasta, and quinoa that you could eat.