3 Months Into Marriage: What's Your Daily Routine Like?


Three months after the wedding have passed by just like that. It probably feels like it was yesterday when you were both still trying to imagine what a life together would look like. Suddenly, three months have already gone by and you know what that means; it’s time to really settle down and adjust to your new life and its latest daily routines as a married person. Bit by bit, you will both learn the meaning of sharing a life with someone. At first, you are bound to face some challenges until you get used to the idea. 

Whether a person is used to living alone or with a partner, it is never an easy process to adjust to the other situation. Always give yourself time to learn to live with it. Just to make things clear, being in a relationship with someone is definitely not the same as living with them.  And for that reason, you must realize the difference between the two if you want to move up a level; sharing responsibility and commitment. 

1. Communication:

Talk things through and discuss your daily routines. Remember, you now share a life, which means that you need to discuss how you’ll be spending your time in the best way possible to suit both your schedules. Many misunderstandings happen between married couples because of the lack of communication. Avoid miscommunication by being open with your partner. 

2. Compromise and accommodate: 

You both need to compromise and accommodate each other equally, otherwise, you won’t be able to sustain a healthy partnership. If only one party is always the one making compromises and accommodating the other’s lifestyle to make the relationship work, it eventually won’t. Marriage is a partnership, you can’t slack off anymore and you need to meet each other halfway. Don’t make your partner do all the work. 

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3. Household Chores:

Now, it’s very possible and simply logical to expect certain habits and practices to change after marriage, especially when it comes to house chores. Before you got married, you probably didn’t need to consider adding house chores to your schedules. Divide the tasks between the two of you and try to get your chores done either before or after you come back from work. If you work fewer hours than your partner, contribute more when it comes to house chores. Accommodate each other’s working hours.  

4. Never give up on your interests:

Life shouldn’t only be about going to work, coming back home to your house chores, and if you’re lucky, finding some time left in the day to spend with your partner. There is no doubt that you have at least a couple of interests and hobbies. Being married never meant that we should forget about who we are as individuals, nor what we love, and what we enjoy doing. Relying on each other does not mean we get to lose our sense of individuality and independence.  Do your best to find time outside your mundane daily lives, just for you! 

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5. Be ready for a different social life:

Be ready for a bit of alteration in your social life after the wedding. You’ll find yourself bailing out on several outings with friends because you probably won’t have time to spare with work and house chores at the beginning. At the same time, you’ll find yourself being more involved in family gatherings than usual; your family and your spouse’s as well.