10 Wedding Movies Every Bride-to-Be Must to Watch

These will make you laugh… and definitely cry!


Your wedding is around the corner, you're kissing your single life good-bye? While reality sinks in, this is the perfect time to bring out all the cheesy wedding movies. Get your snacks and binge-watch all the romantic comedies surrounding the big day. Every bride-to-be should embrace a wedding movie marathon to unwind from the piled up pre-wedding stress. So kick your feet up, put a face mask on and enjoy these wedding movies:


My Best Friend's Wedding

This 1997 movie tells a story of two best friends until one of them falls deeply in love. Watch as Julia Roberts frantically tries to break up her best friend's wedding. 


The Wedding Planner (2001)



A Jenifer Lopez classic! This iconic movie never fails, especially for shoe-lovers. Watch as the savvy wedding planner tries to save her own love life.


Bride wars


Two brides, two weddings, and a whole lot of drama. The brides start a dirty game of trying to sabotage each other's wedding which fails terribly. 


Mamma Mia!


This musical features the main character and her busy big family prepare for her wedding around the most breathtaking sceneries. And lots more singing and dancing.


P.S. I Love You 


After his life tragically ending, she's left with endless letters from him. Each one guiding her into a surprise and a guide of discovery. 


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The proposal


Desperate to save her status in the country she fakes getting married to her co-worker, in the twist of events, they weren't acting in love anymore. 


27 dresses


27 dresses as a bridemaid, but she finally wanted her own wedding day. Sick of making everyone else happy, Jane decides to take life by the horns and find the love she always wanted.


Life as we know it 


Two godparents of completely different lifestyles find themselves taking care of baby Sophie. They struggle to compromise their daily tasks and getting along, till Sophie brings units them in a romantic way.