10 Tasks You Must Carry Out a Week before the Wedding

These are your final pre-wedding reminders!


You can always find the bride hot and bothered the week before her wedding, which may be the result of all the pressure that she’s being put under. Because we know and understand the difficulties that come with being a bride, we came up with a list of pre-wedding reminders that are tailored just for you. 

1. Make sure that your beauty and healthcare appointments are confirmed, be it your spa day, manicure, pedicure, etc. You also have to be certain of the nail polish colors that you’ll be using.

2. Your final dress trial should take place a week before the wedding in order to have the time to make alterations if needed. 

3. Casually stroll around the house in your wedding shoes to get used to having them on and for them to take the shape of your feet. 

4. Remind your best friends that they got to be there (at the wedding) earlier than everyone else. 

5. Make certain that all the wedding invitations have been sent out, delivered, and responded to. 

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6. Follow up on the wedding details with your wedding planner. 

7. Ensure that your wedding photographer fully understands and is ready to execute your vision. 

8. Check again that you’ve bought all your honeymoon necessities, like lingerie, swimwear, evening wear, etc. 

9. Double-check on all your honeymoon reservations, including plane tickets and hotel room. 

10. ِA week before the wedding prepared your wedding suitcase, the one you’ll be taking to the venue with you.